The Ancient History of China to The End of The Chou Dynasty Hirth Friedrich (1908-reprint-1941)

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Hirth, Friedrich

The Ancient History of China to The End of The Chou Dynasty

New York 1908, The Columbia University Press (reprintowano: Pekin 1941, [s.n.])

Str. XX, [4], 383, [1]

Oprawa broszurowa, wydawnicza, 21 cm

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Karty częściowo nierozcięte

Tekst w jęz. ang.

Stan: bdb (lekkie zagięcia kraw. opr. i części kart)

"When, in 1818, aboat the time of the battle of Leipeig,patriotic carea preyed upon his soul, Germany's great poet, Goethe, took refuge in the history of China. The novelty of the study and the very diversity of the subject bad, we may conclude from his own words,' a salutary effect on his mind. 

The century, or nearly so, which has elapsed since the time when Chinese subjects were the Ultima Thule in that wide range of scientifio industry characteristic of one of the world's most Quiversal minds has wrought a wonderful change in public interest. 

Political events have brought China to the front ; and the Western world is now more than ever bent on studying the civilization of that once-neglected empire - unfortonately often with ill success. It is the universal complaint among Westerners - and those who have had the longest experience in studying Orientals are the most ready to admit the fact - that we shall scarcely ever become as familiar with the Chinese as we are with nations nearer to ourselves in race and culture. This complaint will probably never cease to be justified, but it may be considerably attenuated..."

       [Wstęp, fragm.]


autor Hirth Friedrich
tytuł The Ancient History of China to The End of The Chou Dynasty
seria wydawnicza brak informacji
rok wydania 1941
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