This Peace Thomas Mann [1st edition / 1938]

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THE EVENTS of the past few weeks have plunged a large part of the world — I may still call it the better part — into profound disillusionment, dis-couragement, and even despair. We have been the shocked, disgusted, and cruelly bewildered specta-tors at proceedings of far-reaching and decisive sig-nificance; it seems vain to hope for any reversal or revision, any possible way in which the outwitted peoples of Europe can come to their senses and see what has been brought to pass in a few days by the swift flow of events. They have too much inherent consistency, those events. They were treachery and crime, in the guise of hypocrisy and demoralized pacifism; but however unfortunate and disastrous [...]


autor Thomas Mann
tytuł This Peace
tłumaczenie H. T. Lowe-Porter
seria wydawnicza brak informacji
miejsce wydania New York
rok wydania 1938
wydawnictwo Alfred a Knopf
rodzaj oprawy płócienna
format 21 cm
dodatkowe informacje 1st edition. Tekst w jęz. ang.
stan db. [niew. przybr. opr., niew. otarcia kraw. opr.].
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